The Power of Typography to Reflect Culture and Embrace Modernity - Nokia Case Study ASCEND Marketing Solutions March 3, 2023

The Power of Typography to Reflect Culture and Embrace Modernity - Nokia Case Study

Typography has a rich history spanning centuries, with each era and culture leaving its mark on this art form. The evolution of typography is not only a reflection of the cultural and artistic movements of the time, but also a statement of modernity. From early manuscripts to digital typography, typography has a strong impact on design and communication.

Printing as the result of a mechanical system dates back to the mid 15th century with the invention of Johannes Gutenberg. The first printed books were created using this new technology, and typography quickly became an integral part of book design and society. Early typefaces were heavily influenced by handwriting, with the dominance of serif fonts. As typography evolved, the need for more legible typefaces also led to the development of new sans serif fonts.

Throughout the 20th century, typography continued to evolve as new cultural movements emerged. The Art Nouveau movement offered us decorative and ornamental typefaces, while the Bauhaus movement emphasised simplicity and functionality in design. The digital age brought a new era of typography, with the development of digital fonts and the ability to create custom typography quickly and easily.

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Nokia's current typography and branding evolution


Today, typography remains a statement of modernitywith the creation of new typefaces that reflect current cultural and design trends. Minimalism has enabled the development of typefaces that are increasingly clean, easy to read and versatile in their application.

The recent case of Nokia's new brand, reflects more than the mere visual identity or typographic creation. It is the vehicle for the message that intends to reposition NOKIA in the market after the numerous challenges overcome by the Finnish giant. If the use of bold, unconventional typefaces can be a statement of innovation and creativity, NOKIA is not leaving its intentions unstated. 

On the other hand, if the new brand reflete a "B2B technology innovation leader pioneering the future where networks meet the cloud"Only time will tell. The certThe new logo developed by Lippincott recovers the depuration process that began with the dropping of the serifs and now continues with the subtraction of several pieces of the letters, despite a loss of legibility.

From manuscripts to digital typefaces, typography has a significant impact on design and communication. To this day, it continues to evolve, reflecting cultural trends and serving as a statement of modernity and creativity in design.

And for you, is NOKIA's new brand a reflection of the path that companies will take in the near future?

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