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Google Ads & Social Ads Management

Organic content production is key to your brand's online presence, but paid ads are a key component in driving action from your customers. After all, how do we get advertising for products we searched for just once two days ago?

Google Adwords and Online Advertising: Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn

Why do you need an advertising agency for your social media content management?


Engage with your audience with ASCEND's content curation and develop the organic and paid side of your communication.


We produce ads that drive sales on your website or directly on your social networks.


We'll structure your audience in a segmented way to target with more impact who your brand matters to.

How does Google Ads work?

Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns structured in Google Adwords Are an extraordinary tool to advertise your product or service in your target market. But how to highlight your product, ensure that your investment gets the best return and is not consumed by bots in the Indian market?

At Ascend we have a team prepared to structure your campaign or analyse those you already have running, and define the format of your ads, the keywords to be used, define the ad extensions and select the best content (image, video and text) to obtain the best results with high quality rates, which translate into ads with the best cost per click (CPC) for your business.

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Campaign Analysis and Structuring

Google Ads.

Social Ads

Social Media Advertising.

Advertising on social networks enables your brand to communicate with a wider, highly segmented and relevant audience. The ads created for social networks benefit from the information disclosed by each user's profile and the preferences they accumulate when using the platform, which allows us to segment the ads with high precision and promote your brand to those who are most relevant to you.

Ascend as an agency specialising in paid advertising in the Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn has the experience to work with your company to enhance your online presence and increase the likelihood of success by communicating directly with your end consumer.

Each platform has unique features that make it a powerful tool at your disposal. The structure of the LinkedIn allows you to control how your brand communicates with your customers and with a target audience segmented according to their needs.  

The size, sector of the company, location, level of education or job titles of the employees, can be some of the numerous attributes to constitute your paid advertising campaign that will be developed for a professionally focused platform.

The platform
for professionals.
Know the Main Platforms
Google Ads

The main tool for your company to reach customers when searched on Google, Maps, Youtube or Google Display Network. The place where 80% of internet users pass by, is the place to structure campaigns to get clicks that redirect to your website or get a call to your company.

Facebook / Instagram

Launched in 2004, Facebook is the largest social network that connects users from all over the world, whether these users have personal or professional profiles. Together with Instagram, an eminently visual social network for sharing photography and video, they reach audiences with different age groups.


The largest social network focused on generating connections between professionals, it is the perfect field to structure campaigns with a defined focus on B2B and the countless possibilities for segmentation in various sectors.

What are the areas in which we can provide support?
Content Creation

Our team will produce High quality content that will be distributed in the format of posts, stories, reels and videos to position you on social media, aligned with your brand culture in a language cohesive with its online and offline presence.

It is as relevant to present your finished product or service as it is to present the backstage of your production process and the daily life of your team. Ascend will visit your workspace to produce one of your company's most valuable content and we will always be on hand to incorporate publications with content produced by you or your customers.

Our aim is to open the doors of your brand and invite your customers to get to know all your dedication to your business up close.

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Reports for Analysis
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We can only improve what we can measure and by privileging the use of data we are able to have a clear idea of the direction to take. An essential part of the reports produced is to analyse the insights of your page or social network and define the strategy to be adopted. In this way, We analyse key metrics such as audience growth and engagement with your page and the best performing publications.

Our team can also produce specific reports, as well as providing solutions for managing your community, where our team can also respond to questions or comments that may arise with the same tone as your brand.

Packages for your company

Take a diagnostic and learn about our packages designed to meet your needs. However, if you want to chat or need a more flexible product, schedule a call with Ascend, your digital marketing agency.

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