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How do I create a website?

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Create Website and E-commerce

Your website is an indispensable tool to harness the full potential your brand has to achieve. Communicating your business, your experience and technical knowledge with your product or service in the digital world is absolutely key.

For Ascend, developing your website goes beyond the design and appearance of your page to a potential customer. By structuring your site you open up the possibility of build a platform of trust, solidify your notoriety and convert your visitors into your next customers.

Your website is one of your main sales tools and Ascend is your marketing agency with tailor-made solutions for your business.

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Ascend Solutions for your business


Your brand communication is built together to turn your visitors into your customers.


We structure your website to achieve smooth and clear navigation with a quality platform.


Ongoing management and optimisation of your website over time to tend to your marketing and sales goals.

Website creation

How can we help you?

In an age where everything is found on the internet, it is important that your website is found by your target audience. At Ascend, we develop your site with the necessary coherence for this platform so you can turn traffic into potential customers and advocates for your brand.

More than just getting a web address, we are a agency that develops a platform with relevant content with the capacity to generate revenue and notoriety for its brand, duly structured to meet the challenges of connecting with the main communication structures and generate value for its brand.

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Ascend to your potential

Enhance your website's appearance and performance

Transform the perceived value your brand translates to your customers and reach your potential through a better experience of your brand in the digital medium.

At Ascend, a team of experts work to optimise the speed of your website, implement custom features, insert forms, integrate with messaging systems like whatsapp, implement new pages, restructure content for integration with email marketing or develop complete platforms. Ascend's website creation and optimisation solutions include:

  • Diagnosis of the brand and its communication with the client
  • Website development with multiplatform responsive design
  • Managing updates and optimising the speed of the site
  • Creation of a shop with e-commerce
  • SEO Optimization
Configuration &
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We follow the process of domain configuration, deployment of SSL security certificates, and structure solutions in several languages (which include HTML, CSS or Javascript), but we selected the WordPress CMS (content management system) software.

In addition to being a one-size-fits-all solution with an infinite number of plugins for building all needs, this platform allows all stakeholders to be actively involved in the website management process once the website is completed, which reduces maintenance costs and transforms your website into a dynamic and integrated platform that is easy to use and scalable.

Your company may be easy to find for those who already know your brand, but who is looking for your service/product segment, will find it in what position in the google list?

A Quality SEO website improves your position in Google search resultsensures that its investments in the Google Ads have better results, increase the number of visits to your site with qualified visitors who are really interested in your services/product, besides increasing your competitiveness in the market.

The success of an effective SEO is the result of the implementation of best practice and a quality strategyThis is different from the consultant who promises you Google's top rankings after a few quick interventions on your website.

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Why choose Ascend?

With a universe of marketing agencies, why will you choose to grow with us?


The brand experience is consolidated online and our approach is a reflection of your value proposition to your customers.


Our team of copywriters produce content that is geared with your communication strategy, in a relevant and searchable way by all major platforms.


We structure projects with best practices with social media platform integration, email marketing, SEO and more.

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"If your business is not on the internet, your business will be out of business"

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