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Ascend Social Network Management

More than just producing content, you need to understand your audience and what they are interested in consuming. At ASCEND, we build a relationship with your audience and strategically increase your brand's presence in the great vehicle of communication, the social networks.

Social Network Management

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Strategy &

All social networks are in a constant evolution, with changes in algorithms and metrics that define what is delivered, to whom and when. If your company still interprets social media as a distraction for the young or a task to be fulfilled with last-minute posts, re-evaluate your strategy.

Social networks are today a communication tool as effective or even more effective than traditional mediaIt is the place where its customers and potential customers interact, establish emotional bonds, express opinions, consume and consolidate brands that dominate the market.

Over 58% of the world's population has an active profile on at least one social network (data from the Digital 2022: Global Overview report) and this is a unique opportunity to create content and engage your audience with your brand.

If you are not yet present or looking for a more strategic approach with content production for consistent results, you can count on our team of marketing experts with experience in the platforms of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn to develop their presence in these channels.

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Social networks with objectives

At Ascend, social media is integrated into the Digital Marketing Strategy.


We produce proprietary and shareable content, and monitor the effects on various platforms.


Producing content consistently is key to establishing a connection with your audience.


Analysis of results through reports so that we can adjust the sustainable growth of your brand

Ascend Content Production Strategy

What do we deliver?

Ascend will work in collaboration with the members defined by your company to make content with our curation according to the brand values to inspire and engage your audience. In this way, the production of images, videos or texts will be developed by our agency with recourse to Ascend's photo and/or video sessions or to your company's image bank, to better present your products/services.

Our experts will develop a planning in the right format for your brand that capitalises on key annual events or breaking news that is relevant to your online presence.

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What are the areas in which we can provide support?
Brand &

Our team will produce high quality content that will be distributed in the format of publications, stories, reels or videos to position you on social mediaaligned with your brand culture in a language cohesive with your online and offline presence.

It is as relevant to present your finished product or service as it is to present the backstage of your production process and the daily life of your team. Ascend will visit your workspace to produce one of your company's most valuable content and we will always be on hand to incorporate publications with content produced by you or your customers.

Our aim is to open the doors of your brand and invite your customers to get to know all your dedication to your business up close.

Professional Social Media Management

We can only improve what we can measure and by favouring the use of data we get a clear idea of where we are going. An essential part of the reports produced is to analyse the insights of your page or social network and define the strategy to be adopted. In this way, we analyse key metrics such as audience growth and engagement with your page and the best performing publications.

Our team can also produce specific reports for hashtag analysis, and we also provide solutions for managing your community, where our team is also responsible for communicating and responding to questions or comments that may arise with the same tone as your brand.

Metrics &
Why choose Ascend?
With a universe of marketing agencies, why will you choose to grow with us?

Your business is our business. We take the time to study and analyse your market to present you with a clear growth strategy in line with your vision and goals.


No more hidden indicators and complicated words. We clarify our entire approach where you will be updated on each step as well as the areas for improvement


Your growth is our success. We work as an extension of your team putting your needs first to ensure real results for real customers.

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