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Digital Marketing Strategy

We specialize in structuring and implementing Marketing Strategies to publicize and promote your brand, product or service. ASCEND develops services that include Content Marketing, Google Ads and Social Ads advertising campaigns, website construction and optimization, Social Network Management, Email Marketing campaigns, among other services.

An effective strategy is the first step to a successful plan for your business.

Meet the Marketing Strategy

Adjusted to your business model.

O Ascend's work method is conducted with the purpose of generating results for the clientIt is through this plan that we will be able to understand the stage your business is at, define if you need a rebranding, a new website or a Google Ads campaign to reach your target audience.

Whatever your need, there is only one way to provide a marketing service that adds value to your brand, getting to know your business.

Ascend's approach to marketing strategy consultancy for your brand, involves developing a proposition where we work alongside you to achieve the objectives set for your business.

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What is marketing strategy?

At ASCEND, we understand marketing strategy as the careful planning of how our brand or product connects with the target audience. It's about identifying our business objectives, understanding our customers' needs and wants, and mapping out a clear plan to achieve those objectives while satisfying our customers.

How to implement a marketing strategy?

Implementing a marketing strategy is a process that requires careful analysis, planning and execution. First, it is essential to carry out a thorough market analysis, identifying customer needs and the position of competitors. Based on this information, we establish clear and measurable marketing objectives.

After, we draw up a marketing plan that details the specific tactics we will use to achieve these goals. This plan can include various digital and offline marketing strategies, such as email marketing campaignssearch engine optimisation, paid advertising, among others.

Finally, we implement the plan and monitor its performance, making adjustments as necessary to optimise results. At ASCEND, we believe that the key to successful marketing strategy implementation is constant analysis and optimisation.

How to create a marketing strategy?

Our methodology promotes the creation of value and stimulates sustainable relationships between your brand and your audience, to fulfil our objective: the Management of your brand.

The development of our digital marketing strategy is divided into the following steps:


Study of the brand with analysis of the market and of the brand's operating segments, references and trends.


The methodology asks your brand about its purpose, how to generate impact in its market area and inspire people.


Multi-platform strategic plan with branding/rebranding proposal, and definition of short, medium and long term measures for your brand.

Examples of Marketing Strategy
to your potential.

The success of a brand is defined by many factors, but the big issue that all leaders of great brands have in common is defined in one word. Purpose.

At Ascend, we believe in meaningful connections between brands and people and our mission is to connect you with your audience, translate your purpose and tell your story with the same enthusiasm that led you to build your brand, and that makes you offer the best of yourself every day so that your customer has the best product or service.

What is the concept of strategy?

In marketing, the concept of strategy refers to the long-term planning we do to achieve our business objectives. It involves setting goals, identifying our target audience, understanding the market environment, and outlining specific tactics we will use to achieve those goals. At ASCEND, we see strategy as a map that guides us, and a compass that keeps us on track to achieve our business objectives and fulfil our customers' needs.

What are the strategies of a marketing plan?

A marketing plan can encompass a variety of strategies, all of which are geared towards meeting business objectives. Some of the most common strategies we use at ASCEND include: market segmentation, where we identify and focus on specific market segments; content marketing, where we create and share relevant and valuable content to attract and engage our target audience; and social media marketing, where we leverage social media platforms to reach, engage and convert our customers.

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Our team takes your vision and goals as if they were our own. We are your solution.

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