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Email Marketing campaigns to get qualified Leads

This is the right time to maximise your email performance and configure your email marketing platform to retain and increase your customers. With your market knowledge coupled with Ascend's know-how and experience, we will define your target audience and analyse your competitors to ensure your marketing strategy is fit for purpose.

What is Email Marketing?

Why is it essential to have a well-structured email marketing campaign by experts?


Email communication is direct and effective with your customers with automation flows.


Opportunity to present the brand and direct to its new products or services.


Meaningful results with relevant information and intelligent communication.

Ascend Email Marketing Strategy

What do we deliver?

Ascend is an agency with over 10 years of experience in the national and international market and has email marketing examples to present to you. Our team of experts will study your brand and your products or services to develop campaigns that positively impact both your current and potential customers.

Your contact list is a unique opportunity to reinforce your brand presence with quality contentFollow up after-sales and present your products to potential new customers. An e-mail marketing campaign is also the perfect opportunity to provide relevant information or reward your customers with exclusive campaigns.

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Email open rates above 20%

(average values)
Click-through rates above 2%
(average values)

Let's talk about your email marketing strategy?

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Campaigns are a constantly evolving email marketing tool. It must be adjusted and tested to get the best results at different stages of the conversion funnel.

The Ascend team will create campaigns with attractive designs and an effective message when communicating with your customerswhich will be sent at the opportune moment with the highest probability of being read by your target audience. This way we segment your target audience to further increase the effectiveness of campaigns and get the best results.

Several studies indicate that the chances of converting a sale increase significantly for an old customer or one who already has contact with your brand. Structuring an email marketing campaign is an indispensable strategy for your brand. Personalised messages with calls to attention to the advantages of your product or service and call-to-action buttons are excellent tools for converting a potential customer into a new sale.

ASCEND uses various strategies to achieve your goals, present and strengthen your brand presence, with an average email open rate and an average click-through rate per email that will amaze you. Based on our experience, we will analyse your online and offline presence, making sure that your website, e-commerce or social media management strengthen your brand and provide recommendations that increase your brand recognition to build a solid and lasting customer base.

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Why choose Ascend?
With a universe of marketing agencies, why will you choose to grow with us?

Your business is our business. We take the time to study and analyse your market to present you with a clear growth strategy in line with your vision and goals.


No more hidden indicators and complicated words. We clarify our entire approach where you will be updated on each step as well as the areas for improvement


Your growth is our success. We work as an extension of your team putting your needs first to ensure real results for real customers.

Packages for your company

Take a diagnostic and learn about our packages designed to meet your needs. However, if you want to chat or need a more flexible product, schedule a call with Ascend, your digital marketing agency.

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