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Content Marketing

Objectives of content marketing

We develop content that speaks for itself, inspires your audience and helps your business grow in the digital medium. Ascend provides writing services, content production for your website, develops and produces photo or film shoots.

Content is the link between your brand and your customers. Whether through your website, emails or ads, communication is the key that defines your business.

The importance of content marketing

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Pillars and
Content clusters.

Quality content helps customers make the best decisions about which products or services are right for them. If your company offers a product or service, clearly you have the authority to advise your customers in this area, but what would be the most relevant topics around which content can be organised?

If your business is wine making, you can search for topics related to wine pairing, gastronomy, travel itineraries, utensils, work and even careers. These are your pillars of contentaround which we structured content clusters (articles with lower density) to get your site ranked with the highest levels of notoriety in a specific subject.

Why invest in content marketing?

By adopting our content marketing strategy, we will define your "voice" as well as "tom" of your brand. Simply put, we look for consistent communication so that the way your brand speaks is recognisable to your customers. If tone reflects the character of how the brand communicates (communicating in a neutral manner rather than first person plural or singular) and as a reflection of its position (neutral or assertive), the brand voice is a reflection of the vocabulary, style or formality put into each sentence.

Thus it is important to define what subjects your consumers consider your brand to be a source of information and what subjects the brand can address.

Give voice
to your brand.

Content Marketing Tools

What your brand needs in a content strategy.

We produce content for both organic and paid strategy (Google Ads & Social Ads), developed by our experts


Whether for a new website or an update, we develop engaging content structured for SEO.


A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Our productions will transform the presentation of your brand.

How to do Content Marketing for you?

How to be
Found at?

If everything is found on the internet, your website blog is a fundamental pillar to position your brand and increase its notoriety. In addition to producing relevant content, we structure each publication with the key keywords to boost search results related to your product or service.

More than making information available, this can be your first point of contact with your new customer.

O website content should be informative and engaging, demonstrating to your customers that what you have to offer they won't find anywhere else. At Ascend, we produce content that people connect with, by addressing your customer's pains and your value proposition that differentiates you from the entire market.

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What is your

Social networks are more than photos and videos loose on the web. They are a vital framework for reaching new audiences in a short space of time with content suitable for each platform. Turning new followers into new customers is part of the process of consolidating your brand with content in balance with the contemporaneity of the platforms and the tone and voice of your brand.

Reach your potential with a professional photo shoot

Elevate the look and performance of your product

Compelling content is a key part of a brand's success. Photo shoot production and video production services guarantee quality communication in an age when everyone has a mobile phone and almost everyone doesn't know how to use it.

Investing in a photo production and film quality is to ensure that your content is presented to your potential customers highlighting all the qualities in the best possible way. Framing, exposure, composition and lighting are some of the elements of the language to tell your story. Are you going to leave yours in the hands of others?

Ascend has a specialist team to build your narrative and be your solution to enhance your brand.

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Our experience in the national and international market guarantees quality content for your brand.


Whether through text, image or video, we have a team of creatives at your disposal to elevate your brand.


Our team takes your vision and goals as if they were our own. We are your solution.

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