Meet ASCEND: From Architecture to Marketing - Building Digital Brands ASCEND Marketing Solutions 30th October, 2023

Meet ASCEND: From Architecture to Marketing

Building Digital Brands

A brand's journey in the digital world requires a unique combination of passion, vision and technique. Our own trajectory at ASCEND is testimony to this blend, as our origins are deeply linked to architecture, a profession that, like marketing, focuses on building narratives and creating memorable experiences.

Discovering a purpose

Over the course of more than ten years, our director has immersed himself in countless projects that vary in size and complexity. The culmination of his experience is the construction of the golf course for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, a unique project where he has led and worked with teams of various nationalities with extraordinary backgrounds, skills and histories.

Such a significant project had to be told, and that need is reflected in the photographic book "The Legacy of the Sands"This is a work that not only recounts the construction, but also highlights the project's vital contribution to the preservation of the local fauna and flora.

After the Olympics, he took on the role of vice-president of the camp's administration, as well as managing its Olympic legacy. It was during this sequence of events that a latent interest arose: the need to share stories.

Like this, Just as in architecture we outline spaces that tell stories, in marketing we trace brand journeys, translating them into stories that imprint themselves on the memory and establish lasting bonds with the public.

Building Digital Brands

Building Digital Brands for companies with a history

What led to the founding of ASCEND was an intense passion for helping companies find their voice in the digital world. We realised that many of them had incredible stories, but faced challenges in communicating them effectively. This gap led us to set a clear objective: not to be just another marketing agency, but one that deeply understood the essence of a brand and made it stand out in the digital space.

One of our main strengths at ASCEND is the search for a deep understanding of the meaning of brands. Before we dive into marketing tactics, we invest time in really understanding the essence of a brand, its values and its vision. We combine this approach with meticulous data analysis and a multidisciplinary team that together enable us to create truly impactful digital campaigns.

We believe that every brand has a unique story to tell and we're here to make sure it's heard.

Want to know more about our journey and approach? We invite you to read the full interview here quand reveals the origins of our passion, vision and commitment to excellence in digital marketing.

Welcome to ASCEND!