FIAT without grey cars: Marketing Strategy ASCEND Marketing Solutions 17 July, 2023

Marketing Strategy

How Colour Can Power Your Digital Marketing Strategy

It is in the context of a publicity stunt that FIAT's CEO announces that the brand will no longer produce grey cars, while the new 600e is submerged in a huge bucket of paint.

In FIAT's "manifesto" that embodies the marketing strategy, it is announced that they will abandon the production of grey cars and introduce more colour into their range. The concept is simple: to bring more optimism and joy to roads around the world. But how does this initiative intersect with our activity as a digital marketing agency? More than we could imagine!

FIAT, Operation in Grey

"We have broken the rules: we have decided to stop producing grey cars. This is challenging and disruptive and aims to further strengthen Fiat's leadership as the brand of joy, colour and optimism. Italy is the country of colours, and from now on, so are Fiat cars.", Olivier François, CEO of FIAT.

Marketing Strategy: The Influence of Colour

The world is constantly evolving and consumers are increasingly attracted to brands that dare to be different. Colour, whether on a Fiat 500 or in your website design, plays a crucial role in the perception consumers form of your brand. Fiat has captured this essence and is betting on vibrant, cheerful colours to stand out from the crowd and establish an emotional connection with consumers.

For us at ASCEND, this reality reinforces the importance of an effective colour strategy. By choosing colours that represent your brand's personality, you can captivate your target audience and increase consumer engagement. And without a doubt, higher engagement leads to a higher CTR (Click Through Rate) - the metric that shows how many people are actually clicking on your adverts and links.

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Innovation and Distinction

Fiat's choice to "colour" its car range is not just a marketing ploy, it is a differentiation strategy. Similarly, we need to find ways to stand out in today's saturated market.

Whether it's through the use of colour, the creation of high quality content or through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategies carefully planned, it is crucial to stand out. Here at ASCEND, we know that those who get it, stand out and manage to increase their CTR.

Marketing Strategy: Colouring the Future

Just as Fiat is bringing more colour to the world's roads, we at ASCEND can bring more colour to your customers' lives. Structure your marketing strategy like a colour palette - every campaign, every social media post and every ad is an opportunity to paint a portrait of your brand that is compelling, exciting and click-worthy.

Fiat has proven that we don't have to follow the status quo. So why not challenge the norm and experiment with bold colours, innovative designs and marketing strategies that stand out?

And remember, when we choose to dare and be different, we not only increase CTR, but we also light up the digital world with a vibrant and unforgettable brand.

Incorporate more colour into your marketing, increase your CTR and delight your audience. Because, as Fiat has shown us, a little colour really can make all the difference. And at ASCEND, we're ready to help you with that challenge.

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