New Email Marketing Guidelines for 2024 ASCEND Marketing Solutions 9 February, 2024

New Email Marketing guidelines in 2024

Get to know the new authentication rules

Email marketing is an indispensable tool for business communication because it offers managers the chance to communicate directly with their contact base. However, the announcement of new authentication rules by Gmail and Yahoo shows that the email marketing landscape is about to undergo significant changes, with the aim of combating spam and improving email security.

At ASCEND, we understand the importance of this tool for your company to promote its products. However, when millions of unwanted emails are blocked on a daily basis in the global market, a change is needed to ensure that messages reach their recipients while maintaining integrity and effectiveness. 

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Why is a change necessary?

The continuous increase in spam and phishing has forced email providers to adopt stricter measures. With millions of unwanted emails blocked every day, the need for robust authentication and the implementation of responsible sending practices has never been more critical. These changes aim to protect both email users and legitimate businesses, and ensure that communication is not lost in a sea of unwanted content.

The new rules established by Gmail and Yahoo emphasise the importance of using your own domain, implementing email authentications such as SPF, DKIM and DMARC, and maintaining a low spam report rate. In addition, facilitating the unsubscribe process is now a mandatory requirement, ensuring that recipients can easily opt out of receiving further communications.

How can ASCEND contribute to your Email Marketing in 2024?

  1. Own domain: We advise all of our clients to switch to their own domain name, thus reinforcing authenticity and improving email deliverability.

  2. Email authentication: Our specialised technical team can set up and check SPF, DKIM and DMARC for your domain, thereby strengthening the security of your email campaigns.

  3. Contact list management: We help you keep your contact list clean. To do this, we remove invalid or inactive addresses to minimise spam reports and improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

  4. Adding the button Unsubscribe: We ensure that all emails sent include clear and accessible options for unsubscribein order to respect its recipients' right to choose and comply with the new guidelines.

Email marketing in 2024, ASCEND marketing solutions, email marketing

At ASCEND Marketing Solutions, we understand the importance of adapting to changes in the world of digital marketing. The new email authentication guidelines represent a challenge, but also an opportunity to improve the quality and security of your email communications. We are committed to helping your company navigate these changes, and ensure your email marketing campaigns are compliant, effective and secure.

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